SPAR Catalogue - 2020/12/08-2020/12/13 (Page 6)

get more for less buy more and save glens red label spar pilchards in tomato or hot chilli sauce glen pilchards tomato sauce rd sabel pilchards hochlusal buy any 2 for buy 2 for buy any 2 for glen tagless tea bags pouch bakers red label cream biscuits bob32 french stir fry spar frozen sweetcom or stir fry spar flavoured milk mixed vegetables stew mix dream soul flavou wadium far with buy any 3 for buy any 4 for strawb ley slavoured medium fa milk tropical stir fry nanone avard hidrom mos beso ներք chocola chocolat classics classic colgate colgate gel cornetto cornello ola cometto ice cream purity mara civile probe purity purity puree pouches buy 2 for colgate buy any 2 for purity red fruit sweet potato apple & sweetcorn oats nila custard & prune buy any 3 for colgate maximum protect or winter fresh gel toothpaste socente sque sque combo deal surt regular or hygine hand washing powder gright new buy any 3 for orighe new spar clean it all purpose cleaner and clean" spar dishwash-it buy both for sut au pinposegane sun sun wash" total hygiene 2kg superspar spar

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