SPAR Catalogue - 2021/03/23-2021/04/05 (Page 4)

big savings! promotion get an extra spar r2off extra large spar prepacked cold meat selection gener samoly chicken simply chicken premium eggs rewards customers pay mium cas chooves premium pre polony polony per tub rainbow simply chicken polony each spar butcher's best grillers spicy russians beese albany superior white sliced or thick sliced bread clover tropika dairy fruit mix alb uterus sance alba sos per pack each per pack danone danup blend of multigrain & yoghurt spar indulge double cream double cream coconut seeded yoghurt dare colliga libre sergio wch parmalat steri stumpie flavoured milk indulg ster sumple per pack each golon parmalat des white gouda spar white cheddar or white gouda cheese poate facet til con brood that parmalat or melrose processed cheese slices or melrose melts cheddar per pack each bel kiri cream kiri cheese camembert dipatoi lancewood dip & top south astra teta cheese plan spar south african feta cheese uncewoo dip&top lancewood dip&top fairview brie or camembert cheese each each per tub superspar

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