SPAR Catalogue - 2021/01/12-2021/01/24 (Page 5)

cps as seen on start with these savings buy any 2 for spar medium fat smooth yoghurt frozen chicken mixed portions with srinesed mixture spar iqf mixed chicken portions buy 2 for frozen chicken moid portions with bring based mekture clover tropika dairy fruit mix spar-letta creme soda iron brew pine nut sparberry spor buy any 2 for spor margarine buy any 2 for spar pilchards in tomato or hot chilli sauce margarne pilchards spar margarine brick buy 2 for pelchards buy any 2 for hellogg kellogg's kellogg's rivce krispies treats granola treats cereal bars cerispes combo deal buy any 2 for kellogg's sellega coco pops lunchbar max ochichas max lunch bar treats beacon jelly tots bar white damascus nougat or jungle energy bars buy any 2 for cadbury lunch bar max buy 2 for get an extra buy any 2 for | atlages kellogg's coco pops coco chocos coco crunchers fruit loops or strawberry pops r10off rewards customers pay simba danone yogi sip drinking yoghurt buy any 3 for smoked simba cheese curls dieet or flings bara flavour kauze snack feif cheese & co simba potato chips buy any 2 for buy any 2 for rhördes asked beam rhodes baked beans in tomato sauce buy 2 for mrs ball's chutney buy any 2 for மாரன் spar still spring water energade ready to drink sports drink buy any 3 for buy 4 for rhode boked beans superspar

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