SPAR Catalogue - 2021/05/10-2021/05/23 (Page 4)

sparo rare kare medium well wome eacher 2 3 minutes 4 minutes 5 minutes spar tender and tasty beef rump espatada tender tasty each side spar serving suggestion spar select bulk sirloin steak select spar tender & tasty par cooked pork spare ribs spar select fresh chicken breast fillet spar select fresh chicken drum & thigh spar select beef burger or chargrill patties plaaswors serving suggestion serving suggestion serving suggestion white freshline avocado value pack 1 kg wraps freshline potatoes freshline large wraps 8's assorted freshline soft citrus garlic bread per pack each freshline bananas freshline diced butternut pumpkin or sweet potato freshline crunchies and shortbread cocktail danish assorted 6's isparo spar freshline per pack freshline 1999 serving suggestion deli elim spiced beef freshline delicious assorted subs chikka chicken elim frankfurters each deli clous per combo per 100g freshline delicious pasta meals bbq pork chops chicken pesto anushroom penne britos ham & tongue loaf freshin deli cious per 100g chikka chicken aware!org namaqua leipold 1880 merlot cabernet sauvignon blanc or shiraz the wolftrap or rosé arabella chenin blanc or chardonnay kwv classic collection sauvignon blanc chenin blanc chardonnay grenache blanc or moscato robertsons old chapel sweet red extra light or rose namaqua johannisberger bianc de blanc rose late harvest or extra light hamorror alcohol not for sale to persons under the age of 18 my superspar

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