Checkers Catalogue - 2021/05/24-2021/06/06 (Page 4)

any 5 for any 2 for any 5 for any 5 for any 2 for save r40 any 2 for with card with card all variants with card wash all variants with card triple action toothpaste stayfree maxi sanitary pads all variants with card for men all variants body lotion all variants conditioner all variants colgate ram stäyfree tres nivea tresemm givea free tamily colgate athen colgate per colgate colgate de as 30 protex stäyfree rese tee super lux tress saving made xtra easy personal care essentials free free dettol cmies cmies detto free free dettol premium es pregun rada rodax detta dettol no louch dettol chiarat acte free deal save r30 any 2 for free deal free free free new cars vies atlab atter wars with cars buy 2 x levies premium nappies jumbo pack & get 72 per pack levies baby wipes al variante free! buy 2 x 600ml dettol body free! buy 250ml dettol na-touch hand wash unit & get dettol rent free! buy 2 x 40 per pack dettol wet wipes all variants & get 1 free sai varans free buy 200ml dettol hand sanitizer & get 1 free! johnson's extra over baby wipes wash all varianta watersave kit & rinse aid as seen on tv 24-pack finish dint sunlight dinu adl pusti twinsaver finish supremo alush alesh cuan over jik cene supreme mega any 2 for any 5 for any 2 for save r30 any 2 for rith car each gar sunlight dishwashing liquid finish dishwasher kit 42 per pack 400ml ringe ald 5x 500ml plush supreme toilet cleaner al variants 2x1,5 plush supreme tile cleaner all variants 2x 3c jik bleach al variants mega rolls kitchen towels twinsaver 2-ply luxury white toilet rolls kwy brah kwy strettons yrstwatch gin whisky liquor shop com jagermeiit 3dgermifit brandy cola melis pert stella artois save r50 both for save r35 both for save r45 save r40 save r70 aith cars mwears twem bet gard belgium beer nrb 2x gx 276ml kwv brandy & cola prem nrb 750ml tant sannie se 750ml strawberry lips cream liqueur 750ml stratton's original london dry gin & 780ml firstwatch imported whisky jagermeister liqueur bigger and better checkers hyper • cape gale • kenilworth mountain mill paarl lady grey street plumstead • springbok • table view • vredendal • weltevreden • west coast mall

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