Hobby, DIY and household goods - Specials and Catalogues

Do you have an upcoming home renovation project? Are you hoping to save money by building items for yourself instead of buying them from stores or finding someone to build them for you? Rabato will help you save further by making it easy for you to find weekly specials hobby, DIY and household goods.

Latest Catalogues on Rabato

The stores that have recurring weekly deals in our DIY section include first and foremost Cashbuild. The retailer has a network of 255 stores nationwide. They stock items such as paints, tools, building materials, and hardware items, and you’ll find most on offer in their weekly flyers.

We also circulate flyers from Builders Warehouse. Find offers on items such as power tools, hand tools, plaster, bricks, ceiling materials, garden sets, planters, lighting products, bathtubs, waterproofing materials, paints, tiling materials, hose pipes, timber, cement, and more.

Exclusive Deals Available to You

In this hobby, DIY and household goods category, you’ll encounter deals on loyalty cards, low price-matching guarantees, free local deliveries, clearance sales, coupons, opening specials, and more.

Conveniently Access Low Prices Every Day

Browse any open catalogue and once you find a worthwhile item, see if you can find it on the actual vendor’s website. Most sites also have the store locator page that will connect you to the nearest outlet in your town or city.