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Do you need help with your technological problems? Incredible Connection is one of a kind technology store that deals with home and business technology products and services. Enjoy a range of Incredible Connection’s specials each time you shop at the store.

If you are tired of receiving impractical deals from your service provider, it is time for you to switch to Incredible Connection for incredible services. Here, you are going to experience fulfilling shopping that will make every minute and coin you spend worth.

About Incredible Connection

In 1989, two entrepreneurs, Michael Glezerson and Michael David Smith, both from Australia, opened the first store in Sandton City, Johannesburg, South Africa. The two entrepreneurs were motivated by the urge to provide quality consumer electronic and IT products.

Incredible Connection was later acquired in 1998 by Connection Group Holdings Limited. Since then, it has been working as a subsidiary store of Connection Group Holdings.

Incredible Connection has become established, and big companies bring their IT and electronic products to be sold in these stores.

Today, the store owns more than 78 different stores across South Africa and is the leading store of its kind in the region.

Location and Trading Hours

The 78 stores of Incredible Connection are scattered all over South Africa. You can use Find a Store feature available on its official site to locate a store that is convenient for you.

Trading hours for each store varies, and it is prudent to check with the one near you for precision. On average, most of these stores open daily, and from Monday to Saturday. You can expect them to open from 9.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. On Sundays and Public Holidays; they operate from 9.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.

Incredible Connection Catalogues and Brochures

Enjoy Incredible Connection’s catalogue, which comes with a range of products, striking you with unbeatable deals. If you enjoy having quality products with daily promotions, visit Incredible Connection to shop for these products:

  • Cellphone and accessories
  • Gaming gadgets.
  • Computer accessories.
  • Printing, scanners & ink.
  • Computers, notebooks & tablets.
  • Downloads & top-up.
  • Pc gaming.
  • Office appliances.
  • Gift voucher.
  • Computer appliances.
  • Home security.
  • Software.
  • Photography.
  • Networking.
  • Office solutions.
  • TVs, displays & audio.

Incredible Connection specials & deals 2021

Product promotions at Incredible Connection are seasonal. You can enjoy these sales by looking for Incredible Connection’s specials catalogue.

Incredible Connection’s specials 2021 include Notebooks from different brands and Samsung Galaxy A70 blue.

There are also clearance sales to enjoy. Enjoy Incredible Connection’s specials this week for selected Funko Pop products, available for a limited period.

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Why not visit any of Incredible Connection stores to enjoy shopping for your technological products as you interact with professionals who are enthusiastic about helping you? At these stores, you will have nothing to regret about, but everything to be grateful for!

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