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Dis-Chem is among the few pharmacies that displayed its exceptionality from inception. Created in 1978, the best deals offered at Dis-Chem granted access to category deals contained in no other pharmaceutical shopping catalogue within the country.

Geared towards catering to the pharmaceutical needs of every user of its shopping platform, tons of medicinal products from manufacturers within and outside the country were made accessible.

Hundreds of hot deals and promotions packed filled with exceptional discount offers are provided to regular users and visitors of its shopping platform daily. Operating mainly in the Southern part of Africa, non-pharmaceutical Dis-Chem products are also accessible via the shopping catalogue the shop provides.

History of Dis-Chem

  • Dis-Chem was created in 1978 by two reputable pharmacist, Ivan and Lynette Saltzman. Its first pharmacy shop is located at Mondeor, south of Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • Operating with the unique concept of proffering quality deals from exceptional pharmaceutical catalogues, the Dis-Chem pharmacy has enjoyed a reputable growth since 1978. 
  • In 1989, non-pharmaceutical products were disbursed into the Dis-Chem catalogue.
  • 1997 saw the creation of its label line.
  • Dis-Chem currently supports numerous charity funds raising schemes across the whole of South Africa.

Locations and Trading Hours

With room for customers to enjoy weekend specials, a walk-in into any of the Dis-Chem shopping lobby would allow you to enjoy some of the latest exceptional offers. Dis-Chem currently boasts of over 100 stores in its name. While it’s advisable to use its online platform when searching for the best Dis-Chem offers available, only a Dis-Chem walk-in shop can provide you with instant access to goods and services. Dis-Chem operates from 9 am to 6 pm on Mondays to Sundays.

Dis-Chem Specials for Your Best Buys

Unlike grocery or electronic shopping platforms, the type of goods available at a pharmacy is dependent on its preferred catalogue. Dis-Chem operates based on ensuring that every pharmaceutical deal is available in its shopping catalogue. While this seemed like an impossible feat at the beginning, most of the best buys and deals available at Dis-Chem are contained in the most unfamiliar catalogues available.

To gain access to all the hot deals as soon as they hit the market, utilizing the leaflets and flyers containing all the exceptional Dis-Chem deals would go a long way.

Dis-Chem catalogues & specials supplements

When it comes to acquiring the best pharmaceutical discounts South Africa has to offer, you would hardly find a platform doing an excellent job than Dis-Chem. Their current catalogue comprises of hundreds of hot discounted deals providing a shopping experience like no other.

Accessing the discount shopping catalogue offered at the Dis-Chem stores would require the use of its flyers and leaflets. To ensure that you are on the top of all the exceptional opportunities associated with shopping at Dis-Chem, subscribing to its email newsletter would be of immense importance.  

Peculiarities of Shopping at Dis-Chem

The Dis-Chem catalogue comprises hundreds of remarkable products from a wide range of manufactures. The weekly and monthly flyers offered makes it possible for its users to shop from any of its carts at the lowest budgets. Dis-Chem specials providing an exceptional feel of shopping at the best pharmaceutical across the country are available to regular users of its shopping lobby.

DisChem weekly specials online on Rabato

At Dis-Chem, everyday promotions packed filled with incredible discount opportunities are available. Dis-Chem shopping services can be accessed via its official or affiliate online platform or a walk-in into any of its dedicated shops.

Check out all the Seasonal Dis-Chem Specials available today!

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