Checkers Catalogue - 2020/10/12-2020/10/18 (Page 4)

stand a chance to win your shopping free with every swipe authentic favourite cheeses champagne save on all your moet save 14% 125g each with card save r80 fairview blue rock blue fairew fairview brie camembert with card oscar moët & chandon non-vintage champagne thank you for making us sa's fastest-growing rewards programme as seen on tv buy any 3 & save r15 save r10 save r15 dipo save lancewood crunch miti cu with caro card lanc nederburg wit card crea smoo save 19% iou van loveren merlot pinotage la baronne cottage red wine zonnebloem merlot art pinotage cabernet sauvignon each lancewood cream cheese or 250g lancewood cottage cheese assorted shiraz with cari the laughing cow cheese dippers save r15 save r15 save 15% save r7 tra obu care wth cars with card инсаа wtim cars save 18% save 24% any 2 for beyerskloof save 11% pinotage vergelegen cabernet merlot waterside chardonnay wateriel cabernet merlot tall horse wine range each merlot shiraz cabernet sauvignon pinotage with card with caro with care mezé grated parmesan mezé danish feta cheese feta cheese assorted conce save 17% save r15 save r15 lancewood with caro marcard with cars save 9% save 9% save 17% four the wolftrap +rosé four cousins cocina dry white - dry red natural sweet white natural sweet rose natural sweet red lanzerac pinotage rosé tuds with card with card with cars babybel mini cheese assorted clover cheese portions assorted lancewood crème fraiche bulk save r15 save 17% save 10% buy any 3 & save up to r12 melrose save car melrose mit card cheddar ladismith gouda cheese each pierre jordan tranquille white wine porcupine ridge chenin blanc sauvignon blanc each melrose cheese spread slices 200g assorted each mir mallrose chenin blanc sauvignon blanc chardonnay pinotage - cabernet sauvignon · shiraz gouda cheddari white cheddar

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