Checkers Catalogue - 2023/07/17-2023/07/23 (Page 3)

grante far cape mango orange 100% trai jice blent 1kg cordon bleu butter flavoured 70% fat spread sunshine d original 60% fat spread sunshine bathoor classic save 299⁹⁹ classic freach fair cape 100% fruit juice blend all variants each clover classic vanilla flavoured custard with card mccain mixed veg save 34.⁹⁹ nowy with card mccain frozen mixed veg double cream yoghurt plain candla prad 1kg 50% fat spread each buy any 2 & save with card white rock 100g each farmer's dell cold cuts all variants fairview white rock semi-soft medium fat cheese all variants white rock crystal valley chef's and chicken schnitzels select original mcc class roast 49.⁹9⁹ save 299⁹⁹ with card lancewood medium fat darling cream cheese all variants each fresh cream roulou feta cheese all variants each chicken schnitzel save r30 any 2 for with card select chicken range all variants buy any 2 & save with card crystal valley double cream plain yoghurt vegetables all variants mccain carrots julienne roulou south african plain feta 39⁹9⁹ 24.⁹9 sausart pille no-meat frys balls frys crystal valley chocolate whipped cream woody's woody's streaky bacon save 89⁹⁹ save r20 with card pleman's frozen cheese sausage rolls save r20 49.9⁹⁹ prawn meat with card fry's no-meat balls plant-based meat-free chicken-style vegetable burgers with card capo point frozen prawn meat save any 2 for with card streaky bacon 350ml each parmalat steri stumpie flavoured milk all variants as seen on tv fruits 329⁹ save 18% with card clover fruits of the forest dairy snack all variants each frys popcorn cape point crumbed hake fillet portions all variants each hakematta sens cape rast try me i'm new with card fry's plant-based chicken-style popcorn 899⁹⁹ save with card cape point frozen braai snoek save r21 any 3 for with card yoghurt all variants royale uht full cream milk frys with card save r20 save r20 frye each with card fry's plant-based chicken-style crumbed schnitzels simple truth fresh free-range 100% south african grown save birth simple truth savings checkers simple with free-range fresh schickene simple twith free-range fresh echicken color sp with card chapman's frozen crumbed torpedo royale fial cream try me i'm new full cream milk everyday low price 59.9⁹ per kg simple truth fresh free-range whole chicken per kg simple truth free- range 10-piece skinless chicken thighs from 164⁹⁹ with card platter prawns prawn save 25% large