Checkers Catalogue - 2023/05/22-2023/06/11 (Page 3)

fresh! chicken selati sprinkle colden ros sugar 2kg selati golden brown sugar mayug save r10 54⁹⁹⁹ with card nomu mayu mayonnaise farmer's choice fresh 16-piece chicken drumsticks & thighs simply scan to add checkers and say "hi" save r20 99⁹99⁹ with card 64⁹ farmer's choice fresh 8-piece chicken drumsticks & thighs ferrero rocher t16 chocolates zero only! save 20% any 2 for with card per kg stoney barilla fusilli buy any 2 & save with card fresh! individually wrapped angel hair tomato ana chicken 32⁹9⁹ coca-cola all gold tomato sauce save 20% any 2 for with card light meat shredded monteverde italias passata monteverde passata sauce tim tam tim tam save r21 any 2 for with card arnott's tim tam biscuits all variants valpre valpre save 13% five roses ceylon blend tea 46⁹⁹ five roses smooth ceylon blend tea bags 64.⁹9 per kg save r15 stoney zero still spring water cold drink with card ina paarman's pasta sauce all variants each lunch bar save 23% any 2 for with card cer buy any 2 & save with card 100% fruit juice blend all variants fresh! individually wrapped these chicken foreign ground single origin coffee 1kg maille kanna foreign ground single origin coffee beans each save r10 49⁹⁹ with card oreo dijon mustard each save 18% any 2 for with card biscuits all variants ceres energade maarine flavouree rink save r20 with card energade sports drink all variants buy any 3 & save with card coffee capsules all variants save r10 79⁹⁹ with card 150ml each kikkoman soy sauce save r20 with card nomu skinny hot chocolate save 26% any 2 for with card energy drink all variants super farmer's choice fresh 12-piece chicken fillets jaco les sall per kg kikkoman soy sauce nomu skinny hot chocolate heeg bull