Checkers Catalogue - 2021/06/07-2021/06/13 (Page 4)

any 2 for as seen r160 ontv cri weke tussers cheese crystallo with card ora sarators ripe & ready camembert brie cheese emborg danablu creamy high fat blue mould cheese wyke farms cheddar cheese crystal valley medium fat mozzarella cheese crystal valley feta cheese all variants each save r50 buy any 2 & each dough re mi macaroons the bakery hamburger rolls save பட்ட olar the bakery muffins all variants with card banana loaf carrot cake forage amp feast forage & feast chocolate caramel cake available at selected stores save as seen on tv cpi fyn kwy alto chardonnay classic merlot pinotage cabernet sauvignon sauvignon blanc shiraz chenin blanc warwick bos meriot tranquille with card kwy ponge as seen on tv pierre jourdan tranquille pinot warwick the first lady cabernet sauvignon alto rouge dry red wine cape fynbos chenin blanc merlot each chardo any 2 for any 2 for any 2 for buy any 6x340ml per pack carling black label beer nrb carling save r40 save r25 save r45 with card munters black lab windhoek ush + hd first watch dry gold richelieu whisky coent count pushkin pushkin windhoek ηλου hunter save 25% rump polmama castle flavoured vodka firstwatch imported whisky richelieu brandy premium cider all variants cans

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