Dis-Chem Catalogue - 2021/03/19-2021/04/18 (Page 10)

children's health yrs crèche guard immune multivit syrup ber immune vi-daylir multivy buy both vi-daylin ind for only sur vi-d "plus iran dron vi-daylin save 545 臺 restore lolly vi-daylin plus iron drops wast vi-daylin daily multivitamin supplement drops was 19 vida card restore torky witalis panado value pack nutripure panada kias multi vitamin nutun panado paediatric syrup 10omi assorted wasze gemi nutripure kids multivitamins and kids probiotics value pack panado infant drops pro biotics brain child multivit chew tablets was 103 views walls proliflua reabile tela infant infant tolome woodwards gripa alco telament podotti gripe water alcohol free telament com paediatric colic drops vias 124 cheapest free on any probiflora products probiflora probiotic infant drops 3 strain 5mi gripe water probiflora junior telament paediatric gripe water was 39 everyday woodward's gripe water was 40 probiflora junior everyday flora balance feate salex keep baby's nose clear with salex® tamamen isotonic saline approved by the allergy foundation sa banded \pack poechat paediatric banded pack saline saline drops dropspray salino dropspray banded pack blocked noso • unique bottle can drop or apray • sale to use from new bom banded pack metered saline bone 10 metered banded pack blocked nose • gentlo line minst spray • sale to use from new bom sf paediatric metered nasal spray banded pack • to help clear stubbom and sticky mucus • gontie spray - fine saline with gentle surfactant to loosen and clear mucus better mist akorlar on det app store wellness download the dis-chem mobile app for on-the-spot script orders dis-chem and loads more convenient features clinic google play appgallery important immunisation reminder for parents your dis-chem wellness clinic provides learners starting school with crucial immunisations and boosters that protect your children against infections and diseases td vaccine td vaccine

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