Dis-Chem Catalogue - 2021/01/15-2021/02/07 (Page 17)

household essentials free save bemoves 90 of geons save 1444 ariel auto liquid 69" when you purchase ariel auto washing powder 2kg home butler sunlight sunlight home instant butle 500 shes with your reshen dis-chem benefit sunlight regular dishwashing liquid ariel auto washing powder air ariel vanilla andalwoo air freshener linen fresh solid air freshener "excludes sunlight extra dishwashing liquid and value packs sta soft mandi nandy save 27 andy andy air solid air freshener freshener benetit price benefit price "5" instant discount to be deducted when using your dis-chem benefit card cream soon solt stas handy andy cream sta-soft fabric conditioner refill or doy pack 800massorted sot toilet rolls sunlight duck duck sunlight tudo softi 2-ply toilet rolls 1b-pack was 84 duck active clean rimblock sunlight laundry soap banded pack 50% more tuper value tabard insect repellent aerosol 150g plus roll-on 70ml banded pack was 104 mylol mortein sunlight peaceful sleep sunlight hand washing powder 2kg assorted was 45 target mortein multi insect killer wase tabard peaceful sleep mylol insect repellent mosquito aerosol repellent stick was 75 was 194 special bard confectionery و اندوه toblerone zaci dellataille hearts was 34 bacl praline hazelnut was 169 toblerone wastis hamlet was 496 royal mints lindt excellence save 7% dentyn save 121 excellence mint intense dairy milk dericyne lindt excellence chocolate slabs assorted was98 cadbury dairy milk chocolate slab b0g assorted was 15 dentyne chewing gum dua chocola

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