Game Catalogue - 2019/12/04-2019/12/10 (Page 2)

"fresh food available in these stores simply 00 fingers chicken simply chicken nuggets all for aces simply chicken burgers rama polan sinoets 5kg & onions 2kg sandy slu each per pac chicken fingers or chicken steaklets 400g - assorted enterprise polony 1kg - assorted artrs rama original 70% fat spread 500g greena ais redu santha marketside watermelon bay potatoes lancewood gouda mes lancewoody black forest nech usa ck any 3 for per pack cech per pack marketside nectarines 500g or peaches 6's ekuzeni black forest cake 1kg lancewood cheese 900g - assorted danone nutriday smooth yoghurt 6x 100g - assorted clover super m flavoured rhe rhodes baked baked beans des beans bull ba alb southern coating bull brand corned iodated table salt med meat wellingtons sweet chilu sauc each rhodes baked beans in tomato sauce 4109 bull brand corned meat 300g - assorted great value lodated table salt 1kg hinds southern coating all gold tomato sauce 700ml wellington's sweet chilli sauce 700ml cebu ncp instant yeast kan den trotters jelly jelly ikotters jelly indtrotters jelly cloud rhodes peach slices rhodes peach halves any 3 for peanul butter cake wheat flour peanut butter cach ncp super bake or instant red yeast 10g - assorted golden cloud cake flour 5kg trotters jelly rhodes peach slices or halves 410g great value peanut butter 800g - assorted per products available in selected stores nyala super maize meal tastic long grain parboiled rice 10kg tady pamper pamper pamper tastic long gran oiled sice any 3 for any 5 for tastic imper vtvan thiskas long grain parboned rice tastic long grain parboiled rice 2kg whiskas cat pamper canned assorted nyala ol' roy dog food 8kg assorted husky husky super maize meal husky gew the royal taste suç genel white sugar husky husky tastic ol' roy brown town ugar complete nutrition any 5 for rl8 pasta pasta gf ta grande pasta grande great value white sugar 2.5kg great value brown sugar 2kg any 5 for husky canned dog food 775g - assorted olares adult roast lamb all sizes flavour we soons sana super male super male sasao premiin paste grande screws or paste grande tricolour screws 500g special cks any 2 for kel kellogg's noodles any 3 for any 2 for noodles chicken ace super maize meal 2.5kg sasko premium white or brown bread 700g kellogg's instant noodles multipack 5 x 709 - assorted marltons tropical or special kitty regular silica cat litter 1.8kg see page 13 for t's and c's game

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