Game Food : You've Got Game 2021 Catalogue - 2021/01/27-2021/02/10

sasko get more out of fill up your pantry with our unbeatable deals on essentials igroza our unbeatable deals perishable food available in selected stores see list at bottom of page nous huletts klim huletts egg's pure sur per pack white sugar can mi powdy white sugar great value long life milk 6 x 11 solo large eses 2,5kg great pertray great value large eggs 30's huletts white sugar 25kg value nestlé klim 500g full cream milk uht huletts huletts sunsweet brown sugar sunsweet brown sugar extra virgin olive cella excella lonerol fenero huletts brown sugar 3kg excella sunflower ol 21 serena extra virgin olive oil 750ml mogo cheese ramour hvis dihm checy ravci each cheese flavoured fattis&m fattis & mc fatti's & monis duri curry runourid white star super maize meal 10kg macaron any 5 for macaroni any 6 for fattis & more ouvita sunflower and extra virgin olive oil premium blend 1l free maggi 2 minute fatti's & moni's macaroni or spaghetti 500g white star super 10 ka aunt caroline super maize meal sasko premium eng grain parboiled rice the clever choice wliam tun move to the taste any 5 for ares itte each sasko premium brown bread 7009 bb white or brown sandwich squares 220g aunt caroline long grain parboiled rice 10kg any 2 for olroy ol' roy bobtail 2-in-1 dog 5.5kg 6kg or 6,5kg or bobtail dog food 8kg • assorted ot rov folroy ol' roy of roy roast our orroy any 7 for mimos tats husky any 5 for husk tamamoist ol'roy husky pubtail complete nutrition ol'roy semi moist dog treats 1209 assorted husky canned dog food 775g assorted bobtail pamp pamp pamp pamp pamper viac any 2 for any 5 for gary towy whiskas st lamb avour whiskas ncher ol'roy dog food 25kg assorted whiskas cat food 2kg - assorted pamper canned cat game see back page for t's and c's | 13

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