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talk about great savings! nokia וח c1 charcoal smartphone nokia ci rocket samsung galaxy redmi 9a smartphone samsung galaxy a02s smartphone sm-aozsfzkeafa • 2 year warranty colours may vary der store • 2 year warranty while stocks last dual sim dual sim dual sim ace save 100 save 200 save 200 hisense hisense lte וח u40 lite smartphone hisu4oliteds hisense infinity hisense lite dual sim e30 lite smartphone hisesolitedsb • 2 year warranty pockord bell g12 phone tablet packard bellgu dual sim dual sim redmi 9c smartphone • 2 year warranty lite free • 1 year warranty • 1 year warranty dual sgs dan 1gb 1gb ag8 ooo save 50 save 200 save 1000 save 200 amo samsung samsung samsung galaxy a11 smartphone sm-ansf samsung giny galaxy a12 smartphone sm-a125fzkgafa samsuno galaxy samsung godky dual sim dual galaxy a21s smartphone sm-auf dual dual redmi 9t smartphone dual sim • 2 year warranty • 2 year warranty 2gb 36€ save 200 save 200 save 700 save 500 13-sp cnp neon neon lenovo includes free back cover & screen protector tablet not-7w 10.1" 3g tablet notiorgio 7" 3g tablet quad core processor - android 5.1 packord bell tablet pst • mtk8765 quad-core 13ghz processor • 1 year warranty while stocks last dual sim dual sim odo isolas оо 2gb save 100 save 200 save 200 parrot products laptop modoza microsoft • ergonomic design - quiet-touch keys available at selected stores hp 15 backpack hp 200 mouse kobusaarjogaccbun volkano vk-7027-bkgr the internet - soft-touch wrist pads provide a layer of comfort • suitable to be used with laptops laptop not included • wireless convenience • 600d polyester with pu conting • laptop-device compartment • limited 2 year warranty kioxia kioxia also available kioxia usb3 32gb lusoiwongg4 exceria msdhc 32gb lmexilo32gg2 also available kioxia exceria msdhc 64gb tp-link n300 router tl-wr84sn mercusys router acing ac1200 wireless dual band gigabit router at 5 ghe • 1 year warranty • mcsd card for cell phones kioxia exceria kioxia speedy wireless n300 • 1 year warranty save 20 est for even more amazing deals on contract visit us in-store mtn telkom all cellular available on multiple networks vodacom

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