OK Furniture Catalogue - 2023/05/01-2023/05/16 (Page 4)

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r527 pm deposit r1100 save r1000 cash r3999 save r1000 save r1000 payable r8368 at 24.75% int storage • accessories not included also available 120cm nicole robe lounge suite • accessories not included cash r6999 save r1000 miami kitchen scheme edblo 1-year guarantee sandhurst 5-year service base set warranty double • accessories not included queen r275 edblo base set payable r9885 at 24.75% int cash r4999 save r1000 cash r7499 save r1000 keep cash r4999 save r500 bedroom suite base set bedding and accessories not included edblo cash r2499 save r300 guarantee 10-year service warranty trusted sleep dawson robe r380 edblo top storage base set at 24.75% int 10-year service warranty quality & durability guaranteed save r1000 queen www suite with sideboard • accessories not included also available pomona cabinet cash r2999 save r300 120cm dawson add-on robe r296 pm deposit r550 • allergen protect zone support save r1000 more restonic symphony base sets • pressure relieving foams • duraflex reinforced edge support • sealy double offset spring system firm queen service warranty restonic 1-year guarantee included in a 10-year cash r1799 olivia save r200 coffee table kistonic limited stock now only cash r2299 olivia save r200 each assorted doormats • 45cm x 60cm save r30 per roll assorted diy vinyl rolls also available apply for credit find a store apply for lay-by view leaflets share with friends and much more scan to add us instantly and start chatting save r1000 ok furniture is now on whatsapp! endorsed by tv cabinet bedroom suite locally made accessories not included cash r5999 save r2000 sealy posturecede 152cm austin base set 10-year service warranty oko scan me queen ok power express