Pick n Pay Catalogue - 2021/05/03-2021/05/16 (Page 3)

1kg nescafe joy emecca ssss wa free spice mecca babs 100g free! ricotly ungle bobotie smart prices real cash back joko share strong quality tea and qualidade jungle ats joko tea buy 2 for any 2 for blence bunge oats ri the card that gives you both save r15 equals r15 each when you swipe equals r31 each when you swipe when you swipe smart shopper equals r31each when you swipe nescafé ricoffy 750g joko tagless teabags 100s or potjiekos spice 50g stock up your pantry and save 1kg noname pname orn mettere killings trusted corn flakes bokomo freshpak kellogg's veet-bix rice krispies pure rooibos tea tagless ro teabags wholegrain wheat biscuits coco growth developmento colo & win any 2 for buy 2 for cunches save r11 save r16 when you swipe when you swipe equals r33 each when you swipe equals r38 each when you swipe bokomo weet-bix 900g freshpak pure rooibos tagless teabags 80s litre no name" corn flakes 1kg koo dan dory dan buy 2 for trusted baked beans in tomato sauce any 2 for since buy 3 for baked beans in tomato sauce ence 67 tomato tomato and onion tomato and onion shku me and onion canola oil equals r45 each when you swipe are se derfor de equals r10 each when you swipe nola dil ddddd 480m oddd equals r11 each when you swipe reseafy pnp canola oil 2 litre bbbre koo baked beans in tomato sauce assorted 4109 pnp tomato and onion mix 410g anncesco any 2 for any 2 for nola save r6 equals r20 each when you swipe ths.bales peach chutney perske tlatjang muhsi chutn when you save r11 swipe equals r26 each grated liced beetroot teatroo when you saver7 when you swipe koma all gold tomato gold sauce 700ml vinegar swipe when you veri in vinegar swipe dressing or salad cream peri all joy veri peri sauce assorted 250ml each pnp grated or sliced beetroot 780g net 700 drained sous mat africa south 1kg 1kg 1kg pnp tastic jasmine rice pakco chilli bite mix trusted since perfect for at may make rices world basmati jungle taystee wheat parco mild vegetable atchar wheat semolina save r7 save r12 swipe when you sease when you highlan highlan lowinfo lwin saturated for wory low in swipe just the right save r14 jungle taystee wheat original 1kg save r6 pakco chilli bite mix 2509 save r5 pakco atchar and pickle tastic aromatic basmati rice 1kg pnp jasmine rice 1kg pick n pay

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