Pick n Pay Catalogue - 2021/06/14-2021/06/20 (Page 2)

get incredible + freebies with these birthday deals any3 marinade assorted 32-48g and get any3 buy any 3 x fatti's & moni's spaghettior macaroni 500g and get 1 x koo tomato paste assorted 50g free buy 1x snowflake cake wheat flour 2.5kg and get 2 x anchor instant dry yeast 10g free save r18 anchor koo when you swipe fristams royco equals r10 each equals r12 each tomato paste when you swipe soup when you swipe snowflake beef flavour anchor spicy chicken atti's & mo stone sauce fattis & monts royco macaroni too fresh to flop royco marinade gravy rosa cake wheat flour savour get this r4.99 fatti's & monis get this r5.99 freebie freebie r11 worth of freebies erage spaghetti pantry litre 2kg mutton flavour wince hede trusted since 87 spekh oyyəd chutne tomalo sauce crosse & blackwell crow 5299 roode saver4 save r5 save r10 when you blended cooking swipe equals r10 each when you swipe when you swipe when you swipe equals 27.50 each when you when you crown blended swipe cooking oil 2 litre swipe pnp tomato sauce 700ml pop chutney assorted crosse 8 black assorted mayonnaise spekko long grain parboiled rice 2kg royco royco cinchi glenryck glenryck soud soup cream of chicken in tomato sauce flavored soupinamuri cream of co baked beans royco solina in tomato sauce soup cream of chicken doddi dood beavy pilchards in tomato sauce equals r10 each equals 19.50 each equals r4 each pdate prodd when you swipe equals r4 each when you swipe when you swipe sbog when you swipe trusted since koo baked beans in tomato sauce assorted 4109 royco packet soup & lemon grass or spicy mexican & tomato instant soup 259 litre 2kg huletts vulcan 2.5kg €! fair cape huletts wellona's sunsweet brown sugar huletts 3999 white sugar uht longueunt milk ream full cream save r5 saver15 save r8 cke kellogg's noodles when you swipe when you swipe when you swipe х6 huletts sunsweet brown sugar 2kg huletts white sugar 2.5kg equals r20 each when you swipe beef revol fair cape eco long life milk assorted per pack long life unt milk full cream more kellogg's instant noodles assorted 5 x 70g 2.5kg danone korce grade chokiga 1kg litre snowflake ultra tel tastes real good all gold once snow snowflake easy syme vanilla flavoured cust din easymix any smooth apricot jai chocolate peanut butter savers ddddd 400 when you muffin saverz easy to use save r7 muffin net when you swipe open when you swipe swipe equals 22.50 each when you swipe danone ultra mel custard assorted all gold smooth apricot jam 900g pnp peanut butter assorted 400g each snowflake easy mix assorted thg pick n pay

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