Pick n Pay Catalogue - 2021/07/12-2021/07/25 (Page 2)

sro pick n pay fastor's trusted dick day chefs orley crushed ginger cheese & corn smart prices real cash back small vannamei prawn meat whip samoosa dessert topping smart price keepf suarai smart price smart price the card that gives you both smart price smart shopper save r10 when you swipe pnp fishmonger's small wild pink prawns 400g when you swipe orley whip dessert topping 250g equals r20 each when you swipe or ginger & garlic 125g save r7 when you swipe pnp samoosas assorted 12s per pack great savings on eid essentials frys fry's one ar planen golden wild din prant with plash golden crunbed chnitzels schnitzels smart price smart price save r10 pnp halaal bulk grabouw thick boerewors per kg save r5 pnp halaal topside or silverside beef roast per kg save r35 pnp halaal bulk lamb braai chops per kg save r60 when you swipe pnp fishmonger's medium wild pink prawns 800g equals r40 each when you swipe fry's meat free original hotdogs 360g or chicken-style burgers and golden crumbed schnitzels 320g kassegriller seafood today red seninas mccain mixed veg chilli cheese smart price smart price smart price smoked viennas when you swipe busy corner smoked or red viennas 500g each when you swipe busy corner plain cheese or chill cheese russians 380g each saver2 today original ready rolled puff pastry 400g save r10 when you swipe pnp fishmonger's seafood mix 700g saver10 pnp frozen cut green beans or sweetcom kernels 1kg each save r8 mccain mixed veg 1kg alb danone albany cultured buttermilk save r2 albany superior best of both white bread 7009 save r4 pnp trifle sponge save r14 pnp 2-layer black forest cake equals 2.50 each pnp panini litre saver10 first choice salted butter 500g brick danone cultured buttermilk 500g sources dietary fibre country sober fresh scans bluesorks country fresh casko cavo flav watchisi save equals r15 each sasko white dumpy honey low gi seed loaf dumpy wholewheat 800g save r18 das litre fach fresh ice pnp mixed roses bouquet 50cm pnp pocket money flower bouquet pnp fresh coriander 20g pick n pay

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