Pick n Pay Catalogue - 2021/07/23-2021/08/09 (Page 22)

baby pick the price that's baby dove less do milton bennetts baby dove smart price sterilising fluid crown giams baby bum creme huggies smart price smart price smart price save r8 when you swipe huggies baby wipes assorted 568 each equals r23 each when you swipe dove baby wipes assorted šos save r19 when you swipe bennetts baby bum creme save r13 when you swipe milton sterilising fluid 500ml double up deal price per pants double up deal price per nappy size 3 765 size 4+ 625 double up deal price per nappy size 1 82s double up deals pampers pampers pampers baby-dry pants domum co per pack easy on pampers active baby pants jumbo pack or premium care disposable nappies value pack per pack huggies telament parol gripe water alcohol cherubs baby phipp's milk of magnesia huggies gold smart price smart price saver10 cherubs perfumed nappy sacks 50s nappies price per nappy huggies save r26 extra care save r13 when you swipe telament paediatric gripe water 150ml when you swipe assorted phipp's milksia saver89 both sudocrem price per nappy save r30 huggies new baby or gold disposable nappies jumbo pack assorted per pack save r20 sudocrem baby care cream 1259 we got you baby angelcare nappy bin plus nappy bin refill single pack pick n pay

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