Pick n Pay Catalogue - 2022/10/03-2022/10/16 (Page 5)

maas deli meats nay poloto butcher's shoulder bacon dick day deli browse wood smoked bockwurst willia day deli wood shirts wow low price low price when you swipe pnp shoulder or back bacon 200g each heep refrigerat cheese low price when you swipe lancewood' medium fat cream cheese plain lancewood cream cheese assorted 230g dairy promise maasdam semi-hard cheese pnp maas 2kg low price when you swipe pnp cheesegrillers or russian 320g save when you swipe save when you swipe ck day deli ser கர per 100g pnp sandwich ham deck day deli shaved chargrilled chicken full fat gouda 9.9⁹9⁹ shaved chicken 4.5.⁹9 low price president president feta assorted 400g each low price when you swipe white cheddar 700g chicken viennas with cheese rainbow rainbow simply chicken ⓒa chilled keep refrigerated eat within 1 days of opening 1kg 24 viennas 2kg woll when you swipe low price low price when you swipe no name french polony 2kg pnp shaved cold meat selection assort id am kerrygolo vintage cheddar low price when you swipe kerrygold vintage or mature cheddar 200g each obalne resta grana padano rainbow simply chicken viennas assorted 1kg senza smoked gran oresine save when you swipe pnp emmental edam maasdam or gouda slices 150g soresina grana padano 125g or soresina parmigiano reggiano 125g fish dany clover process cheese assorted 360g wow any when you swipe low price braai snoek monger's wild pink prawns ocknay dairy clover bodde trusted ld pin full cream milkl dry place long life uht process urgerate only nu viday hyper low price when you swipe ponice procesad quelo pro processed cheese pnp fishmonger's snoek braai 800g low price when you swipe pnp fishmonger's medium wild pink prawns 800g pnp frozen baby hake per kg full cream milk nu tiday nu viday wow saver17 when you swipe danone nutriday smooth dairy snack assorted 6x 100g onger uncooked calamari strips uncooked calamari strips tok dick day fishmonger's kny monger's uncooked hake prime cut portions full cream processed cheese low price when you swipe pnp long life mik assorted 6x1litre crang processed cheese douglasdale low price when you swipe douglasdale fresh milk assorted 2 litre each plain yoghurt keep refrigerated save r59 when you swipe calamari strips 400g when you swipe pnp fish monger prime hake cuts 500g sweetened duho almond breeze when you swipe low price almond breeze dairy free almond milk assorted 1 litre saver9 when you swipe pnp low fat or double cream yoghurt pick n pay hypermarket