Pick n Pay Catalogue - 2019/09/23-2019/10/06

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exclusive exclusive pick n pay pick n pay exclusive pick n pay "winemaking starts in the make wine as good as the grapes you pick." kaapzicht kaapzicht tapzicht pick the perfect pairing laapzicht was 885 was r160 save r10 r85 save r20 kaapzicht sauvignon blanc or chenin blanc save r15 kaapzicht estate pinotage 750ml 750ml each kaapzicht estate shiraz cabernet sauvignon or cabernet sauvignon merlot 750ml each pair your favourite bottle of kaapzicht wine to pair with the smooth and sweet but slightly salty taste of gruyère cheese pnp swiss gruyère cheese wedges with its unique flavour resulting from salt curing and 16 month-long pairs well with wines that have a touch of fruitiness parma ham 709 exclusive pick n pay exclusive pick n pay "my ultimate goal is to showcase the versatility of the most delicate rosé to rich and generous full-bodied reds." exclusive pick n pay avenir lavenik avenir in stellenbosch that specialises in making award-winning estate pinotage and red blends like their stellenbosch classic lavenir was b85 save r10 was r110 l'avenir stellenbosch estate pinotage rosé save r10 l'avenir stellenbosch estate pinotage 750ml brie pick the perfect pairing pinotage rosé pairs perfectly with the mild and nutty flavours of this castello brie castello danish brie 1259 was b120 save r15 l'avenir stellenbosch classic 750ml our dry cured and matured italian sliced meat trio is the perfect choice to go with full bodied pinotage or this cabernet sauvignon blend from stellenbosch antipasto 150g prices valid pick n pay

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