Shoprite Catalogue - 2022/07/11-2022/07/24 (Page 2)

low fat your rapo mala champion mald crystal valley fresh full cream gen parmalat 11⁹⁹ champio sundale strawberry fruit cocktail yoghurt 500g each 12.⁹⁹ kampos milk makat farmer's choke frozen chicken uvers crystal save with card fish cakes frozen fish cakes sasko lices bread sui afrika low fatamasi maas 19⁹⁹ all for large eggs 15 per pack + parmalat smooth medium fai murti pack yoghurt 6x100g+champion french polony 750g+saso brown bread 700+crystal valley cheese slikes all vint 150g with card rondo for spread supa sta supa star prosen chicken mala save 1kg supa star frozen chicken mala 1kg rainbow polony rainbow rainbow chicken polony all variants teach with card new crystal valley flavoured full cream processed cheese slices 150g ch 15⁹⁹9 parmalat cheese 120g sach avocados each 59⁹⁹9 15⁹⁹ carrata county fair saturd bigi savings com county fair allam county fair carrots kg bag 9.⁹9⁹ od legy chicken gizzards sasko hore slices brown bread badan simpday golden delicious apples tkg bag 11⁹⁹9⁹ county fair frozen chicken gazzards with card save toplay large eggs with card mrtvi save 12⁹⁹ save big on fruit and veg bananas 650g bag 12⁹⁹ with card pen snowflake cake wheat flour selat pat rama cabbage each 14.⁹⁹ champion champion french polony 2kg showelle crew save with card save selati white sugar 2,5kg 42⁹⁹ gkg 21⁹⁹ rama des espe with card with card save oranges cigbag 199⁹⁹9 jungle oats 5kg soup pack country range bigi savings jungle oats original porridge 1kg 49⁹⁹ www save with card 23.⁹9⁹ stork country spread country range frozen chicken chunks soup pack 1kg kellogg's corn flakes tastic 1kg brdots colata cireal with card save 129⁹⁹ bok ngczan save with card 42⁹⁹ stork country spread 40% fat spread with card save shoprite food world butchery+