Shoprite Catalogue - 2022/07/25-2022/08/07 (Page 2)

meat and more for your meal farmbest fresh boler con goldi frozen chicken soup pack 1kg with card save farmer's deli double smoked ham smoked chicken 180g each fry's pork bangers per kg frys maasbanker whele round farmbest fresh whole chicken per kg 19⁹⁹ save no-meat balls golde chicken prozen chicken soup pack with brine-based mixture www loaf with card 34.⁹⁹ cape point frozen whole round maasbanker with card save frys braai 'n grill chicken porti country range frozen braai 'n grill chicken portions 800g 34.⁹⁹ renown renown renown shoulder bacon fry's love and plants pational ges fish whole tilapia tilapia inteiro tilapia entier with card gers 49⁹⁹ save with card ilj fish fingers simply chicken fry's frozen traditional vegetarian sausages simply chicken smoked vie smoked fry's vegetarian polony 54.⁹9⁹ pork braai box farment maapny cape point frozen whole tilapia with card save with card 45⁹ save rainbow simply chicken viennas 500g each x₂ since in with chichts farmbest fresh braai pack per kg with card baby hake gutted rainbow polony fish eve save farmer's choice frozen chicken livers 250g rainbow chilli polony 1kg each 39⁹⁹ save county fair frozen crumbed fish bakes rainbow ra chicken new x₂ cape point frozen headless & gutted baby hake with card with card county fair frozen chicken steaklets all variants 400g each stewing beef buy bulk & save sweet potatoes 2kg price drop mpion frozen beefers beef patties all sty and fruit & veg 2kg farmers chicken mixed portions with brine-based mixture mamas fresh joey champion chombians champion french polony 2kg mamay oper pivocados champion sea harvest 69⁹9⁹9 farmer's choice frozen mixed chicken portions 2kg potatoes x₂ save champio 19⁹ 1.5kg with card 2kg mama's pies frozen carri avocado 1kg bog with card baby hake econo pak sea harvest plain baby hake cripps' red apples 1.5kg beg