Shoprite Catalogue - 2022/08/22-2022/09/11 (Page 2)

meat and more for your meal loose serve farmer's choice frozen mixed chicken portions 2kg farmer endiluty suick free chicken save farmer's deli loaf 180g each fish roll stewing beef frys neder sich golden crumbed schnitzels met per kg 19⁹⁹ save secon loaf kes with card fry's strips frozen fish bakes all variants 360g each chunky strips schnitzels 320g each pork braai chops chicken card per kg ixed portions with rine-based mixture polony ies polony fry's madel love and plants braai-style sausages poi polony fry's 2kg polo pol curry pies jude soorten beeeers polony exet eskort polony 1kg each frozen beefers beef patties value ground beef per kg super griller sausage per kg save farmer's choice frozen chicken livers 250g eskort round cut bacon any 2 for eskort diced bacon 200g and eskort fry's frozen vegetarian curry pies diced bacon fry's frozen braai-style vegetarian sausages with card sea are 24 fish fingers sea harvest frozen fish fingers with card 45⁹ save county fair 23⁹⁹ goldi frozen chicken soup pack 1kg with card county fair chicken steaklets all variants 400g each cradle's x₂ with card x₂ with card save eskort viennas 500g each beef potjiekos loose serve per kg with card save cape point frozen tilapia 54.⁹⁹ with card karoo wors per kg goldi chicken eskort smoked viennas save frozen chicken soup pack with brine-based mixture eskort save farmer's deli liver spread red viennas kam with card whole tilapia tilapia inteiro tilapia entier best pork braai box for texanstea firmient simply chicken aemium simply chicken premium polony farmbest fresh broiler chicken dank pork braai box per kg farmbest fresh 5-piece chicken braai pack per kg rainbow simply chicken polony all variants ikg each simply chicken remium summe simply chicken prehulim 57⁹⁹ save russians 850g each rainbow rainbow of smoked russians original flavour of smoked cheese russians baby hake oss and gue farmbest fresh whole chicken per kg 49⁹⁹ save rainbow r9 with card with card cape point frozen headless & gutted baby hake shoprite lower prices you can trust