Shoprite Catalogue - 2021/11/29-2021/12/26 (Page 4)

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romlowds baby with sound dugme 1d soft gopruit hustle for the full rainbow kids story visit cutle with card save with sound baby cute doll feeding accessories set per pack rainbow kids little nandi litu pula utile khana dolls 300 baby cutie doll with pet all variants soft body cuddly talki with card cond save with card savex baby cute with outfit in sache oce soft body mis includes • bottle • nappy • pacific potty candy uttle lolly doll with sound com cach tutu love mini doll all pred baby cutie soft booy doll with accessories 3 nach with sound • bolfe • feedings • pacifier includes • bottle • feeding set • pacifier • polty drink & wet drink & wet guddo baby little lebo little lucy igeed doll 20 each baby cutie denk & wey doll with feeding tutu love babylove mbyll som en with includes • pacifier • bottle • polly with sound soft dore body bottle bib feedings • pacifier • shoes drink function & wet • borte • bib walki poti lary cutie dolls drink & wet naux win new willow dailing dolls hold my hand walker doll sissach itu line doll with sound sen baby cutie drinks wet doll with accessories en el

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