SPAR Catalogue - 2021/06/07-2021/06/20 (Page 6)

spar sasko select britos french polony sasko white bread per 100g promotion price get an extra elim cooked ham britos russians more slice white brea rewards customers pay per 100g spar select farmhouse wors sparo freshline freshline delicious quiche freshline assorted log cakes per kg deli clous smoked pork elsbein delicious kiddies meals freshline hertzoggles 6's deli cious per kg plus 20% extra marinated belly spare ribs per kg spar freshline malva pudding dspares tender tasty freshline chopped soup mix large french loaf rainbow tgif each each rainbow fresh chicken spar spar tender and tasty chicken espetada spar freshline freshline freshline soft citrus buy 2 for tgif crumbed chicken schnitzel freshline oranges freshline bananas freshline combo potato 2kg sweet potato 1kg & onion 1kg per kg per bag per combo aware!org kwv classic cabernet spier cabernet sauvignon shiraz or signiture red sauvignon arabella chenin blanc or du toitsrl diemersdal fruct shiraz or petit verdot beyerskloof pinotage du toitskloof boxed wine range demersd alcohol not for sale to persons under the age of 18 my superspar no wine or pork is sold in our halaal stores

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