SPAR Catalogue - 2021/02/23-2021/03/07 (Page 3)

our lowest prices ever with r80 million in savings lucky star pilchards or sweet chilli sauce cky star miami boerie lucky stas miami relish assorted miami robertsons spice bottle garlic & onion pakco vegetable atchar trendo pichards each each racks kellogg's kellogg's instant noodles mrs balls original or hot chutney or sweet chilli sauce che ina paarman's ready to serve sauces canola oil cracker per pack each lwisa maize meal or supersun super maize meal promotion price zero %vat twisa tastic snowflake snowflake snowflake cake wheat white bread or brown bread flour tastic basmati snowflake rice get an extra tosin to super maize meas r2off cake whet flour top frash to hep brown bread white bread wheat flour wheat flour each dairy milk cadbury selected chocolate slabs beacon jelly tots simba simba salted peanuts or peanuts & raisins sales deanuts vanilla flavoured custard clow dairy milk each spar vanilla flavoured custard chec kits aquelle still natural spring water aquelle romany each creams chronic bakers romany creams or choc-kits oros oros brookes oros squash each superspar

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