SPAR Catalogue - 2021/05/25-2021/06/06 (Page 3)

rewards win a car buy any participating swipe your to winning win a car product spar rewards card every participating product you buy gets you another entry to win! zero %vat buy me to enter buy me to enter super maize meal product jnflake marco pakco hot or mild vegetable or hot mango atchar ace to treat to top cake wheat flour blackweli crosse & blackwell tangy mayonnaise only you can be spar sunflower oil snowflake cake wheat flour each ace quick cook or super maize meal ina paarman's pasta sauce assorted kellogg's noodles mare pasta sauce each chicken коо heelrool batro коо diced & spiced mrs balls chutney sauce beetroot nando's bag 'n bake canola oil car kellogg's instant noodles buy me to enter as seen on bakers mini cheddar biscuits or salty crax cinde mini danone ultra mel custard get cheddars de vries ginger biscuits buy me to enter as seen on per pack bakers red label cream biscuits rewards customers pay brookes oros squash ultra wel r2off jumpin gourmet popcorn jack per pack jumpin jack cupton lipton ice tea energade ready to drink sports drink healtips emergade each per pack superspar

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