SPAR Catalogue - 2021/07/26-2021/08/08 (Page 9)

sparo spar freshline freshline serving suggestion freshline chopped mixed mushrooms serving suggestion salt freshline vegetable combo potatoes 4 kg onions 2 kg and sweet potato 2 kg freshline ready to heat basic soup range freshline ready to heat premium soup range onice each sparo spar freshline sparo freshline freshline freshline oranges per bag freshline ripe & ready avocados freshline bananas value pack freshline red or golden delicious apples 1.5 kg per pack per pack serving suggestion serving suggestion serving suggestion serving suggestion pork products not sold in halaal stores britos french polony deli clous per 100g deli clous kids meal assorted cheese buy 2 for britos cooked ham harter per 100g hartlief salami o'kin smoked russians freshline deliclous roti's assorted per 100g each serving suggestion subject to government lockdown regulations city of cape town isikeko sasekapa stad kaapstad south africa #live ſiphitless enter virtual challenge now! virtual challenge my superspar beauty die burger sponence piltivos no wine or pork is sold in our halaal stores

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