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soudal alcolin den braven gml exte soudai paintasu sealant paintable acrylic sealants 5% extra glcolin contractor's acrylic ideal for filling cracks; no sanding crack resistant suitable for exterior applications sealant solvent-free acrylic; gap filler for sealing of low can be painted with all types of paint shortly after acek acrylic sealant perfect adhesion without use of a primer on moist even slightly damp substrates; interior & exterior; non-corrosive on bostik soudal den braven den brave sed soudal versatile universal silicone universal universel silicone 1001 silicone tool ensures a smooth even surface & no wastage; suitable for grouting & sealing around sinks doo of surfaces silicone 1001 versatile silicone sealant; excellent adhesion to ideal for removing cured fingerprints; can be used to remove mould growth r55 stripper alcolin sista bostik bostik sista bosti bost siste bostik marine 15% exts 15xexti elcoli clcolin bostik marine bath contractors silicone contractors silicone lcone se ilicone sealant contractors' silicone contractors' grade silicone sealant with fungicide for use on non porous surfaces; not suitable for fishtanks as it contains a fungacide to prevent mould growth reviver pen grout tube anti-mould; for showers bathrooms marine cu sealant silicon; use to assemble fish tanks; silicon sealant excellent for building of fish tanks & any other heavy-duty marine work; ideal for general purpose & weatherproofing bath sealant r75 soudal soudal soudal den braven den bew special sealants soudal pool fix almost certain surfaces require specialised products mirrorfix high quality professional adhesive with extremely high initial tack; based on hybrid technology r148 soudal fix strength adhesive all performance on all materials; turbo can achieve 90% of final bond strength super retains elasticity; fast men chemical-resistant repair express souda! cement exilang high-quality filler for of joints & cracks in concrete; superior adhesion on mineral surfaces; indoor & outdoor applications; fast curing r105 chemical anchor in 20 minutes pool fix sealant & adhesive specifically designed for fixing mosaic & tiles around swimming pool areas; temporary repair of small leaks paint advice and other strokes of genius follow our tips on how to complete the perfect paint job from prepping your surface to decorating a feature wall page 24 of 26

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