Builders Warehouse Catalogue - 2023/04/26-2023/04/30

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hardboard door internal door; kosmo-reel light worx extension reel the future of home and diy is here kosmo led lights grand opening led reel protea glen gu10 globe; available in cool you save normal ⓡ309ea ⓒ you save normal r799 you save firth designer coatings at factory prices garden master hose pipe & fittings xpandadiy you save frearth fast hide normal 529 you save econo shootbolt security gate 2m x 770 mm; electro- galvanised & epoxy- coated; 10 mm lockable get it installed from online or ask in-store normal ⓡ229 you save normal 999 builders quadrant entry shower doors in white & chrome; excludes shower tray; 15 mm compensation channels; mould builders adhesive ready to mix; cement-based; homeakichen pico chest of drawers dollders the adhesive requires assembly; hardware you save builders normal 1999ea you save normal 54 you save normal 2640 ryobi handyline circular saw depth @90-65 mm; assorted seedlings available; suitable for sun or shade; instant colour for your garden; individual plant sizes builders ⓡ wheelbarrow reinforced rim; 1 mm pan; strut; for yard & light you save normal 849 you save rea r16ea normal 25ea you save normal 999