Dis-Chem Catalogue - 2021/06/11-2021/07/11 (Page 17)

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dis-chem pharmacies best of the best* * voted best pharmacy by the star reader's choice awards 2020 ocuvite great savings with our scheduled medicine acc 200 tablets was 154 complete acc 200 wacc 200 allecet syrup ocuvite lutein ocuvite strepsils eucalyptus berylin 4 flu strepsils soothing ocuvite lutein ocuvite ocuvite complete complete to soft gui captubes 30 sachete benyin & flu syrup r7695 strepsils was 68 optive sinutab opthe bronchol cough syrup sinutab o2eoaud cepacol medip ginger trik curcando coryx tablets optive fusion eye drops was 152 optive omega ub eye drops was 192 sinutab nasal spray was 42 copacol medsip ginger hot medicated drink sachets bx 50 sachets coryx paediatric r5495 syrup nurofen express zam-buk chest rub was 25 am buk demazin syrup nurofen express gaviscon ibupain blister med-lemon compral pain tablets gaviscon liquid original was 234 was 82 strike back when flu hits omiflux 20mg rehidrat obaldosure rehidrat oral electrolyte mixture assorted was 75 fights symptoms of colds and flu" fever purgolene body pain throat rritation purgolene was 122 chus smus congestion headache sinutab sinus pain extra strength new muscle ade earache sure throat izok' solva tensopyn soflox soflax soflax was 174 and teams of common cold and tussen meinic orgd dis-chem pharmacies

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