Pick n Pay Catalogue - 2021/04/23-2021/05/09 (Page 2)

oral care oralsuren need ton fresh breath oralsure preventi tartar wased dentales builo-up smart prices real cash back closeup closeup deep action fresh breath liste total sensie tartar control oral listerine eroticon nounhwash deep actions houthw any 2 for any 2 for any 2 for any 2 for the card that gives you both equals r11 each when you swipe equals r60 each when you swipe equals r25 each when you swipe equals r30 each when you swipe closeup red hot cool breeze or menthol fresh toothpaste 1259 pnp oral sure regular or mint dental floss 50m pnp oral sure mouthwash assorted 500ml pro gsk new new is what you eat eating your enamel? sensodyne ole pronamel helps rebuild & strengthen your enamel new sensodyne extra fresh pronamfi proname new sensodyne daily protection pronamel specialized enamel protection sensodyne pronamel protection or extra fresh toothpaste 75ml each coffee & tea from timna colgate charcoal set theatre oral-b pro expert toothbrush assorted each save r10 colgate kids 6+ batmanor barbie toothbrush each www white glo white glo save r6 white glo toothpaste save r3 colgate kids anti cavity toothpaste assorted 50ml each &eio oral carejos save r6 mentadent p protection herbal or sensitive toothpaste 100ml each colgate colgate orale colgate protection clinically proven fluoride toothpaste pick n pay

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