ALDI Catalogue - 27/01-03/02/2021 (Page 3)

the happy al mono 4pk simple and lean remedy smoothie salad recipes kombucha temot demon mbuu buc mwen broccoli ginger lemon ging lem on sale wednesday 27 january sally obermedera caux pas tindo handbook for a healthy crunchy roasted chickpeas low 15.tox life and a kappy plane le croc pro nvocado nut alexx stuart the happy the busy mum's weight loss on a budget other tahini roasted fav-va beans sigrit scitec olympos regat tahin sie 100% who khan alley roasted fav va beans larruar • $499 goldenvale emah sie tasti protein+ bickford's your santos 25% probiotics esa cvd chi protein manuka honey+almond toasted muesli 100% juice bickford's honey almond prune no added sugar tutre nut bars 100% juice granola contains prebiotics and probiotics pomegranate no added sugar nothing antificial 1litre softasi more • cauliflower or broccoli puffs 56g almond chips or avocado chips 40g 6pk or roasted and salted fav-va beans 6pk & almond or red berries taste the difference with no artificial colours storewide

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