IGA Catalogue - Weekly Specials April 2020


No individual who fancies utilizing the services of a retail distributor would want to shop at a platform void of discount opportunities. IGA has become a household name in many regions of the country due to the impeccable discount offers made available to its users. The exclusive IGA shopping catalog ensures that you don't run out of options while shopping. 

IGA specials comprise of numerous discount opportunities accessible by regular users and visitors of its lobby. The discount deals offered are updated on a regular basis ensuring that every user of its shopping platform enjoys a remarkable shopping experience even when operating on a strict budget.

Where It All Started

IGA is an Australian retail outlet with hundreds of stores spread across 30 countries. IGA was created in 1988. While most of its stores are currently independently owned, the first IGA store was created by Metcash in Macquarie Park, New South Wales, Australia.

Currently, IGA boasts of more than 1,600 outlets sited in different locations in Australia. Its outlets are subdivided into three major categories; Supa IGA, IGA, and smaller convenience. The categories are ranked mainly by size and region. IGA currently owns about 5,000 retails outlets across the globe.

Best Buy in IGA

IGA catalogs comprise of tons of exciting hot deals. Accessing its shopping lobby in search of the best buys offered would keep you scouting a long catalog filled with incredible offers.

Keeping a tab on the remarkable IGA offers accessible to regular users of Rabato would necessitate signing up for the email newsletter services to keep updated. Packed-filled with grocery items offering exceptional prices, IGA has built a renowned reputation inside and outside the country.

Discounted Goods at IGA

Most of the discounts offered provide goods and services giving a price cut to users of up to 50%. That is an incredible deal to shoppers wishing to save some bucks on shopping. IGA provides seasonal and weekend specials geared towards ensuring that the exceptional shopping experience promised to its customers is always honored.  IGA sales leaflets offering clients with exciting opportunities can be accessed on its official homepage or an affiliate site proffering its services.

Locations and Working Hours

Keeping up with the hectic IGA sales schedule characteristic of almost all IGA locations would require updated information on all its happenings. To gain instant access to the catalogs offered at the Rabato shopping platform, using its online portal would come in handy. IGA headquarter is located at Macquarie Park, New South Wales, Australia. Accessing IGA specials via a walk-in would require strict adherence to the 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. schedule running from Monday to Sunday.

Shopping at IGA

Tons of hot discounts Australia, weekend specials, daily promotions, and exclusive seasonal specials can be accessed from its shopping lobby. To keep abreast of all the regular uploads on IGA platform, you may want to consider utilizing IGA’s social media platforms.

Newest Offers in IGA Every Day

Lots of exciting offers can be enjoyed from the spectacular shopping lobby available at IGA on a daily basis. A regular visit to its lobby would enable you to gain access to special IGA loyalty programs. Explore IGA shopping at Rabato today!