ALDI Catalogue - Weekly Specials October 2023


ALDI is one of Australia’s biggest retail providers. ALDI catalogue offers its clients baby products, liquor, beauty, health, pantry, recipe, etc. – the list is endless. Operating mainly as a grocery store, lots of discounted household items can be accessed via its lobby. 

Its profound reliability is based on the fact that most of its users tag the catalogue it offers to them with the term 'Different.’ ALDI was rated among the few Australian grocery service providers offering its customers with groceries at the most affordable prices. ALDI offers exceptional promotions, discounts, and weekend specials. To enjoy all the hot ALDI deals, subscribe to its email newsletter for alerts.

History of ALDI 

ALDI is a German family-owned supermarket with over 10,000 stores worldwide. The retail company is currently estimated to be worth over €50 billion. ALDI was founded by two German brothers Karl and Theo Albrecht, in 1946. 

In 1960, the store was split into two separate groups ALDI Nod and ALDI Sud with headquarters located in Essen and Mulheim, respectively. The enterprise adopted the name ALDI in 1962. ALDI is an abbreviation of Albrecht Diskont.

While numerous ALDI outlets can be found in Germany, the enterprise possesses a considerable number of remarkable stores operating in 20 other countries.

Locations and Opening Hours

With over 10,000 locations across 20 different countries, ALDI Sud, ALDI’s retail outlet in Australia, ensures that every user of its lobby gets to enjoy the exceptional shopping experience he/she desires.

Utilizing ALDI shopping services can be done via numerous affiliate sites providing users with access to its platform. The ALDI Süd headquarters is located at Mülheim, Germany. Visiting its Australian walk-in stores can be done from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Mondays to Sundays.

ALDI Australia catalogue

Shopping at ALDI can leave you confused with the incredible hot deals it offers to its users on a daily basis. ALDI specials comprise of numerous groceries and household items being proffered at discounted rates. The ALDI shopping catalogue provided at Rabato is updated regularly. 

Incredible leaflets and brochures containing most of the exceptional deals offered at ALDI are accessible via its email newsletter. To acquire up to date information from the shopping lobby offered at ALDI, signing up for the newsletter would go a long way to getting hot deals offered in its various stores.

ALDI Special Buys

ALDI deals make up 40% of the average discounts Australian shoppers are offered every week. Purchasing items proffering up to 70% off while utilizing its platform is very much possible. Daily promotions offering you with a shopping cart of your choice is accessible via the ALDI discount shopping lobby.

Most of the discounts Australia offered at ALDI can be easily accessed on the homepage of its online shopping platform. Instant access to all the exceptional offers provided at the shopping platform would require keeping a tab on its social media outlets.

Peculiarities of Shopping at ALDI

Unlike most retail outlets in Australia, ALDI prides itself as an expert in providing top-notch services worthy of every penny spent. While there are hundreds of discounts Australia and promotions accessible to its users, the incredible price tags associated with most of ALDI’s sales deals can keep you shopping at its catalogue all day long.

Aldi specials for this week on Rabato

Lots of remarkable category deals can be accessed from ALDI’s lobby on a daily basis. To get instant access to all the activities and offers ALDI shops in Australia provides, subscribing for its newsletter services would come in handy. Check out ALDI’s latest offers at Rabato and grab yours now!

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