Jaycar Electronics Catalogue - Weekly Specials September 2023


If you are an electronic enthusiast and are not satisfied by the type of services you receive from your suppliers, Jaycar Electronics got you covered. The store has a broad selection of electronics to ensure you get all you need under one roof.

Jaycar Electronics’ online catalogue is not limited to particular products. Instead, it has a collection of the best products and offers them at fabulous discounts. At Jaycar Electronics, you deal with professionals to ensure you get the product matching your needs.

About Jaycar Electronics

The store dates back to 1981 when it was founded by Gary Johnston. He started by purchasing John Carr & Co. Pty Ltd.

From his dedication and hard work, Gary was able to work his way up, receiving massive acceptance from people. He selectively supplied quality products, giving people the best deals they could get in the market.

Jaycar Electronics Australia operates more than 110 stores today across Australia. The store employs about 1,000 employees who take care of all your electronic needs.

Other than electronic stores, Jaycar Electronics also has more than 170 resellers who it has authorised to redistribute its products.

Location and Opening Hours

If you are anxious about where you can find Jaycar Electronics stores in Australia, relax. The distribution of these stores is quite simple. They are found in major regions and metropolitans. You can get the stores in ACT, VIC, NSW, QLD, NT, SA, TAS, and WA.

Working hours can be a bit slippery because of the location difference. However, you can shop from most of these shops any day of the week since they operate daily. The most suitable time to do shopping at these stores is between 8.30 A.M and 5.30 P.M from Monday to Friday. On weekends, you can shop between 8.30 A.M and 5.00 P.M.

Jaycar Electronics Catalogue 2021

Not sure of what you can get at the store? Jaycar Electronics’ current catalogue helps you get an idea of what you are going to get. Whether you choose to do your shopping online or through walk-ins, this brochure with promotions and sales should guide you.

You can enjoy Jaycar Electronics’ specials, which are only available in cases where there are special offers.

Diving into what you can find in Jaycar Electronics flyers in Australia, these product categories are available:

  • Tools & test equipment
  • Sound & Video
  • Cables & connectors
  • Components & electromechanical
  • Power & batteries
  • Hobbies & gadgets
  • Security & surveillance
  • Computing & communication
  • Kits, science & learning
  • Outdoors & automotive

Jaycar Electronics specials & sales

The frequency of the occurrence of promotion is determined by the season, supplier, and the store’s plan.

Jaycar Electronics’ special offers flyer outlines these promotions. Keep tuned on Rabato to get alerted on all the ads and promotions posted in different stores.

If you shop at Jaycar Electronics today, you will enjoy the ‘Think’ possible promotion. The promotion is offering crazy discounts and bonuses for products.

The store is also offering temporary free shipment promotion for products more than $30.

The clearance promotion cannot be underestimated. This promotion focuses on selling products with low-turnover to create room for newer products.

Jaycar Electronics catalogue online on Rabato

Jaycar specials are to go for sales and deals whenever shopping at this store. To know when these offers are ready, regularly check on Rabato or the store’s Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube channel.

Some of the Jaycar Electronics specials this week include 2-way display port splitter and single-channel Li-ion/ Ni-MH battery charger.

To get electronic products that are up-to-date with the market demands, visit any Jaycar Electronics store today. Avoid the last-minute disappointments by shopping at Jaycar Electronics using their weekly flyers and leaflets.

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