Goldmark Catalogue - Weekly Specials May 2024


If you are planning to attend an occasion but has no jewellery to match your dress code, it is not time to panic. At Goldmark, you can have any type of jewellery regardless of your gender and at exceptional deals. The Goldmark's online catalogue is broad enough to groom you from head to toe.

Enjoy discounts from Goldmark on selected pieces of jewellery when you shop online or in-store. There are also Goldmark specials that are released occasionally to help you enhance your grooming.

About Goldmark

The store was founded in 1979 to make people feel good about how they appeared by adding authentic jewellery to their dressing.

As time passed, Goldmark Australia diversified in other products other than jewellery. Because the store saw an increased demand for its products, it included fashionable sport watches on its catalogue.

To maintain quality and product authenticity, the store does not depend on one supplier. Instead, it makes a worldwide collection of its jewellery from reputable brands.

As a result, customers are often happy to shop at this store as they get deals they cannot find from any other supplier in Australia.

Location and Opening Hours

Goldmark stores are available throughout Australia, operating more than 160 stores. Because their distribution is broad, using a store locator from the store's official site proves helpful.

Each store's operating hours are based on the amount of demand it has. So, look into the operating hours once you find an ideal store to do your shopping.

Goldmark catalogue 2021

With Goldmark's catalogue that is quite extensive, people can have a lot to shop from the store. Whether it is an engagement, wedding or event jewellery, Goldmark Australia has them all.

If you are looking for Goldmark's special offers this week, you can find them on Goldmark flyers. These offers are not fixed and keep changing depending on how fast they move and according to the company's plans.

Goldmark's catalogue is organised in categories to make shopping worth looking forward. These categories include:

  • Jewellery
  • Kids
  • Men's
  • Watches
  • Gift ideas

Goldmark sale for saving money

Do you get excited at the thought of shopping through promotional products? Try Goldmark's ads sales. Receive these promotions by becoming a VIP on Goldmark. It is easy. You just have to sign up for their newsletter

The current promotion in the store is called ‘Your Style, Your Way’, where you can save as much as 50% of the original amount. In this promotion, you will find pendants, hoops, bracelets, bangles, earrings and many more goodies.

There is also a Jennifer Lopez for Guess promotion that is giving you amazing discounts on selected guess watches.

Enjoy the free shipping promotion whenever you shop for goods more than $100. This promotion is only available to online shoppers.

Goldmark jewellers catalogue on Rabato

Are you looking to shop for the latest specials on Goldmark Australia? These specials happen once in a while, so you have to be alert whenever they get released.

Because Goldmark store loves socialising with people, it is available on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. You can follow them on these channels to receive their specials. You can also hop on Rabato at any time to be updated on Goldmark's ads promotions and leaflets.

If you have not yet made up your mind about attending that event because you do not have the right jewellery, decide now.

Visit a Goldmark store today and complete grooming for your occasion by choosing the appropriate jewellery with the help of the knowledgeable and caring employees!

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