Kincrome Catalogue - Weekly Specials April 2024

Hobby, DIY and hardware

Most businesses want to be Jacks of all trades, and that is why their customers never get satisfied. To overcome this lack of satisfaction, Kincrome has taken three niches that specialise in; automotive, hardware, and industrial niches. Kincrome current catalogue is vast and elaborate on its products.

Because of focusing on specific areas, Kincrome has perfected its trade and offers some of the best deals in Australia. Through the store’s official site, customers can do shopping online and enjoy unparalleled discounts too.

History of Kincrome

The privately-owned business was started in 1987 as an aftermarket sale supplier. After some time, the business realised a gap in the automotive, hardware and industrial markets where it started focusing on.

Since joining these markets, Kincrome Australia has dedicated its time, research and development to ensure that none of its customers leaves the store unsatisfied.

Through an excellent market strategy, Kincrome has grown from one warehouse to seven that are located within Australia, USA, New Zealand and the UK.

Today, Kincrome has more than 200 employees and produces more than 1,500 containers annually.

Location and Opening Hours

Kincrome store locations are accessible through the store locator available on its official site.

When you locate a suitable store for you, checking its specific working hours and plan for your shopping according to when the store operates.

However, most stores operate from 9.00 a.m. till 5.30 p.m. from Monday to Friday. On Saturdays, 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. and Sundays from 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

Kincrome catalogue 2021

Kincrome’s catalogue attracts different types of customers, both professionals and DIYers. Some of these buyers are interested in Kincrome’s specials, which is the part that makes their shopping at the store exciting.

Typically, each buyer is driven by different wants when shopping at this warehouse. Of course, other visitors browse the shop just to window shop.

Putting all these factors aside and focusing on what you can actually find at Kincrome, the list can be endless. For ease of access, Kincrome’s catalogue this week divides products into categories. The categories include:

  • Tool kits & sets
  • Automotive & vehicle servicing
  • Power tool accessories
  • Spanners and spanner sets
  • Agriculture & farming
  • Pliers & wrenches
  • Toolboxes & storage
  • Construction
  • Recreation & lifestyle
  • Safety
  • Sockets, socket sets & accessories
  • Workshop & engineering

Kincrome factory outlet sale

Enjoy the seasonal promotion available at Kincrome by regularly checking on Kincrome’s online special catalogue and see what is in the offer for you.

This season, Kincrome is offering several promotions. These promotions are contained in Kincrome’s special catalogues which include Kincrome Tools for Life Programme. This promotional offer is exclusive for apprentices.

Game On! Tool sale promotion is available for everyone. It has essential tools being sold at incredible discounts.

Kincrome Payment Plan promotion that is allowing customers to pay later for their products. To enjoy this promotion, you have to enrol to the payment programme.  

Some of the goods you can find in these promotions are pliers & wrenches, tool kits & sets, striking & prying, air tools & accessories and more.

These promotions are valid for a specified time. Hurry and shop while the offer lasts and save huge on your shopping.

Check Kincrome Sales on Rabato

If you are a fan of shopping for the latest specials in a store, then, you will know no disappointment at Kincrome. To be more connected to customers, Kincrome has gone social, and you can find them on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube for their latest announcements.

The store is currently having new specials such as hydraulic garage jack-low profile 2,000kg, ratcheting vehicle positioning jack 330mm among others.

Catch more of Kincrome’s ads on Rabato and view the rest of the newest Kincrome’s special offers so that you can have a more loaded shopping cart!

To know how excellent customer satisfaction feels like, visit any of Kincrome’s stores for your automotive, hardware and industrial needs. Kincrome Australia makes your shopping in these areas thrilling and worth the visit!

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