BIG W Catalogue - 13/04-26/04/2023 (Page 38)

white king power bleach lemon 4.5-litre^ $1.73 per litre caution calition with add stain rem white king spor value triple pack ajax spray n' wipe multi bleach ajax ospray wipe value pack 3 x 500ml^ price multi-purpose caution white white king king power white king lemon 700ml^ with add stain remover lemon burk caltion tain remover toile ge toilet gel dilet gel hospital grade man 700 ml $10pk white king dettol antbacterial ettol floor cleaning system low price $13pk antibacterial floor wipes rase true cleaning action east floor cleaning system cets through sease and dettol floor cleaning system & 25 wipes^ kalls 99.9% big value pack amazing stain removal glen vanish napisan oxi action fabric stain remover powder 3kg $7.34 per kg sport of sinfecta all-one original value pack value pack on all your family essentials longer vanish oxi action colour safe alls 99.9% glen glen 20 original spray disinfectant 300g^ sabco superswish duo $21 save $9 all-one original sprinces viva paper towels 3kg just $6.25 per can viva fast absorbing $12.5⁰ double length sabco superswish duo re action 6l value pack fab laundry liquid 6-litre $3.75 per litre megl recommended brand fab by chat just 54¢ per roll finish 110-pack classic lemon sparkle dishwashing tablets finish white roshets classic everyday clean shop now quilton 30-pack toilet tissue esh son roll value pack vileda $225⁰ easy wring & clean turbo berfes vileda easy wring & clean spin mop & bucket set softs lemon $ $16pk save $11.50 set