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starting never ends pre order cameras pre-order guarantee master advances in camera performance and soaring creative ideals demand a new approach to lens technology lenses must evolve to remain ahead of the resolution and appealing bokeh together at new! new! new! sony fe 14mm f1.8 ultra-wide gm lens new! sony fe 50mm f1.2 gm prime lens get more sony have maintained to break new ground in easy to use cameras to suit the enthusiast and keen amateur alike customers continue to reap the benefits of sony's ongoing and significant investment in the imaging category new! new! lenses new! new! prime sony 24mm f2.8 g lens new! prime sony 40mm f2.5 g lens new! prime sony 50mm f2.5 g lens sony g lenses bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus cashback cashback cashback cashback cashback cash $1749 cash $1299 after after acas $699 after back cas $1299 after back seafter back back ack portrait sony ff 85mm f1.8 mid telephoto lens ultra wide angle sony 20mm f1.8 fe g lens zoom sony f2.8g lens zoom sony e-mount super telephoto lens wildlife sony oss full frame lens