Chemist Warehouse Catalogue - 18/08-17/08/2024 (Page 38)

$2.00 off rrp+ each white glo tight squeeze glo white glo white glo tight squeeze mint $1.50 off edlp dental flossers veto pola health + wellness dental flossers 50 mint or plain amazing! each absolute absolute bamboo toothbrush adult or kids 1 pack bambod $2.00 off rrp+ pocket carmex minis carmex carmex carmex lip balm squeeze tube minis 3 pack stop paying too much!! chemist warehouse colgate® pulse off goodbye to boring toothpaste ecostore treat r teeth to flavour with every brush hismile 60g toothpaste assorted flavours love your smile and look after it naturally off rrp daily cleanser $1.96 off rrp+ price off rrp mega value pack polident burt's bees watermelon $64.99 off rrp+ clean $64.99 ate $3.67 off rrp ecostore ecostore toothpaste or complete care mouthwash mint 450ml ⓡ smart coaching superior pulse colgate connect app polident 3 minute or whitening denture cleanser 108 tablets exclusive size $4.75 off rrp exclusive! each polident burt's bees watermelon burt's bees lip balm watermelon 4.25g or overnight intensive lip treatment blister 7.08g or sensitive black refills 4 pack hismile range! $6.50 off rrp+ whitening daily cleanser ter brushing for 6 weeks with us without colgate connect app oral care $3.86 off rrp burt's bees overnight intensive lip treatment natural ceramides colgate® colgate pulse pulse deep clean listerine smart rinse hismile make the whole family grin chapstick classic balm $9.01 off rrp+ www listerine rinse listerine smart rinse kids mouthwash berry shield 500ml spf 15 broad spectrum medium protection sunscreen chapstick conditioner $1.61 off rrp chapstick! chap strawberry toothpaste for sensitivity relief new chapstick lip balm range always read the label and follow the directions for "buy 1 get 1 free! sensitivity sensodyne & gum dual action grin adults or kids toothbrush 1 pack assorted variants item must be cheaper or lesser value than the items purchased healthy break nsodyne sensodyne & gum levet por seg dual action extra fresh enjoy steaming hot laura geitz sensodyne toothpaste sensitivity & gum care or extra fresh 100g brand ambassador always read the label and follow the directions for use $1.50 off rrp bos always read the label and follow the directions for use sensodyne toothpaste repair & protect 100g assorted variants nivea melt-in original care with natural oils nivea lip balm range sensodyne repair $3.49 off rrp+ food & plague lingua jordan* jordan baby toothbrush 0-2 years or green clean dental toothpicks 25 sticks fluck detoothnste sensodyne sety relief-col price off rrp $1.31 off rrp cheaper@ warehouse prices!! any 2 for melt-in moisture deep repair $2.26 off rrp+ & daily protection for sensitive teeth hydro care $2.26 off rrp+ with natural oils sensodyne $49.00 off rrp brush twice a day for lasting sensitivity protection sws sensite smile aybe smart diy home de trasonic technology repair & protect oral-b essentialfloss oral ⓡ sparkling white smile teeth whitening diy kit or gel refills 4 pack oral-b essential floss mint 50m helps as seen on tv sws sparkling white smile aylba refill gel kit heal dry lips original vaseline lip therapy" $21.00 off rrp ora essentiali oral off rrp great! vaseline lip therapy original tin 20g to find your