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product feature the haier 7.5kg front load washer take the stress out of laundry the haier 7.5kg front load washer frees you from the drudgery of laundry day with its convenient and smart features wash your fabrics with confidence as the haier washer has 15 tailored materials such as synthetics and hygiene cycle helps sanitise fabrics at cut down your laundry time with haier's convenient options it lets you do last-minute washing or light cleaning with the express 15 cycle and if you hate coming home to wet for up to 12 hours to finish your wash cycle at a time that suits you the haier washer is designed to help you get the best clean while being kind to the environment it features 4.5-star water and lower temperature using less water save time and effort doing the laundry with the haier 7.5kg front load washer the good for more visit guys or your local store switching your phone to silent and disabling work notifications after hours can make you a better manager at in the journal of applied who disconnected in their off- hours felt more refreshed the leaders and were able to help found that less experienced leaders were especially prone battle the bulge men who gain weight from age 17 to 29 increase their risk of dying from prostate swedish men found weight gain during a man's life was associated with developing with aggressive and fatal prostate cancer if the gain was during the late teens and 20s how to be a better leader to becoming ineffective if they spent a large amount of time at home worrying about work "the simple message of this study is that if you want to be an effective leader at work leave work at work," university of florida professor klodiana challenging jobs as they juggle their own role responsibilities with the needs of their recover from the demands of the leadership role." powerful perceptions ust a quick glance at a person's face enough for our brains to identify tudy measured the electrical activity of participants during a game and ound our brains were wired to apidly identify those in positions of eared towards processing hierarchy is the peak age for australian girls to drop out of sport almost half of girls who have stopped playing say the need for more study time is the reason why they don't play the artful gaze viewing art online may improve your mood and participants reported their state of mind and the pleasure felt from viewing an interactive significantly improved after just a few minutes of viewing study author mackenzie trupp noted "online art viewing is an untapped source of support for wellbeing" of australians say their managers lack an understanding of personal commitments outside work and don't respect working hour boundaries tune into wellness tv australian health and lifestyle program the house of wellness brought to you by chemist warehouse and hosted by dr nick carr and the seven network on fridays and sundays wellness clock watching constantly checking the time when you can't get to sleep? it may be worsening your the frustration you feel may also hinder your attempts to stop taking sleeping dawson suggested turning the clock around and placing smartphones out of reach to help stop checking the time words of advice with goraft quigley he vitamin b group was originally thought to be a single substance but we now know the bs occur in food as a group of identified to help us stay well the b group are water- which are required by all tissues to play a role in cognitive plays a role in healing wounds and preventing migraine headaches and also reduces the risk of age-related macular degeneration plant and animal foods and helps to balance our lipid levels especially ldl and triglycerides the most important function of the b group vitamins is acting as "co-enzymes" or "co-factors" where they facilitate amino acid metabolism and enzyme production the pace of our 24-hour society puts pressure on our pressure on our digestive system to absorb the nutrients gerald quigley is a community and commentator for the house of wellness