Chemist Warehouse Catalogue - 21/04-14/05/2023 (Page 9)

stop paying too much!! chemist first aid cheaper warehouse sigmacort hydrocortisone cream 0.5% 30g $5.00 off rrp $9.99⁹ elastoplast $2.26 off rrp+ elastoplast ultra sensitive xxl bodichek cold $40.00 off rrp $3.01 off rrp+ detention tape or flexible fabric strips xxl 5 pack from devo sterile 8x10 cm kateg elastoplast sport adjustable knee stabiliser or advanced knee brace exfoliating foot peel tea tree & peppermint elastoplast elastoplast bodichek baaxis vio sigmacort® 0.5% cream for mild eczema relief mild eczema rashes insect bites genital itching • sunburn always read the label and follow the directions for use support intended for fixation of wound dressings particularly on joints frequently moved and contoured parts of the body always read the label and follow the directions for use deep moisturising foot pack noo-woven lowergy 5cmx5m smith nephew primafix plus primafix plus conformable retention tape 10cm x 2m or 5cm x 5m $1.90 off rrp elastoplast $12.96 off rrp conformable retention tape stelle 8x10cm helps provide support to weak or injured joints $4.51 off rrp foot pack off brp derma v10 foot treatments 1 pair assorted variants $1.00 off rrp elastoplast fabric calen bodichek isocol isocol rubbing alcohol $3.30 off rrp+ for the treatment of common warts always read the label new spray blocks bacteria scholl wart removal system bodichek gelx scholl each removal guards against germs isocol rubbing alcohol 450ml follow the directions for use $3.30 off rrp+ scholl verruca & wart $8.00 off rrp scholl wart removal system washproof or verruca & wart remover kit 53g ready healthy feet! intended to remove planter warts and also common warts hotpod electric hot pack off rrp hotpod electric hot pack soft fell scholl velvet hotteeze the 21st century hot water bottle hotteeze heat pads pedimask 1 pair or eulactol heel balm gold 120g free app out now! temporary relief of minor skin irritations pharmacy keep out of reach of children pharmacy medicine keep out of reach of children to the care wartner wart remover cryotherapy dermaid 0.5% cream dissolved for improved effectiveness freezes warts free 60 $26.60 off rrp feelgood feelsafe dermaid soft 0.5% cream gentle formula for sensitive skin ego dermaid hydrocortisone cream or soft cream 0.5% 30g wellness $13.96 off rrp+ wartner plantar or wart removal system 50ml always read the label and follow the directions for use common wart remover cryotherapy wartner the cove $2.00 off rrp¹ off rrp 14hrs heat joint stiffness backache hotteeze heat pads 10 pack commercial consideration for the endorsement of hotteeze each heel balm $4.01 off rrp health info lựcện surgipack walking stick aluminium adjustable blue or black or folding black or pink silicone gel dermatix for scar reduction $4.96 off rrp+ neat $1999 feat natural dermatix advanced silla ultra muscular aches & pains for scar reduction derma dermatix silicone gel betadine antiseptic topical solution script reminders walking stick available ladice betadine antiseptic topical solution dermatix aca dermatix scar reduction gel* or ultra silicone gel 15g directions for use drug-free pain relief odor eaters neat feat pain relief foot cream period pain for minor cuts and abrasions and the treatment of minor skin infections multit for scar reduction betadine antiseptic topical solution 15ml shop online st for foot odo walking stick odor eaters foot & foot & shoe spray shoe spray cool sport $14.30 off rrp+ off rrp rrp neat feat natural pain relief foot cream 50g odor eaters $15.00 off rrp off rrp st for foot do $18.00 off rrp+ $8.56 off rrp+ off rrp treatment of common skin infections contains amica montana flower; rosemary oil; boswellia carteri oil; cajuput oil; camphor oil white; peppermint oil; eucalyptus oil; clove herbal medicine to helps relieve and relieve bruise pain $3.79 off rrp+ $7.26 off rrp+ off rrp odor-eaters foot & shoe spray cool confidence or sport 150ml $2.51 off rrp+ each odor eaters foot & foot & shoe spray shoe spray cool sport confidence wellness @ your fingertips