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product feature samsung s95c oled 4k smart tv enjoy cinema quality at home breathtaking experience with the samsung s95c oled 4k smart tv with more than eight million self-illuminating pixels and 4k al you will love the incredibly accurate colours and breathtaking atmos and object tracking sound.¹ at its best viewing settings with oled is intensely cinematic.² the future of oled is here with samsung quantum dot technology where each pixel consists of three and durability take your movie night to the next level by pairing the samsung oled 4k smart tv with a samsung immersive surround sound ¹ source content must be dolby atmos® enabled for dolby atmos® playback samsung defines true dolby atmos' as featuring an upwards-firing directional speaker for three-dimensional sound wireless dolby atmos compatible only with selected samsung soundbars quality and resolution of source content and viewing conditions the good for more visit guys the good or your local store australians aged 65 and over has of people with dementia is predicted to reach more of health and welfare up in smoke smoking rates increased in australia during the early stages of to research by the university of nicotine consumption increased by 30 per cent in the first half of been related to people managing higher stress levels as well as more opportunities to smoke or vape while they were working at home of all donated blood collected in australia is used to treat cancer and blood donor day is june you can donate blood visit edible rainbow men who eat a colourful array of fruit and vegetables regularly are less likely to be diagnosed also found men who have radiation treatment for the disease recover quicker if they consume a diverse range of fruit and vegetables that contain lycopene such as child's play activities without direct adult monitoring may improve the mental health of children and teens in the journal of pediatrics found the recent rise in mental health disorders was attributed to "if children are to grow up well-adjusted they need ever-increasing opport for independent activity," study co-author amount of time students have for play in recent decades because the school calendar has lengthened and recess that play is a direct source of children's happiness," prof bjorklund says tune into wellness tv australian health and lifestyle program the house of wellness brought to you by chemist warehouse and hosted by dr nick carr and the seven network on fridays and sundays wellness rest up getting restful sleep can play a role health and even how long you may an american college of cardiology study found young people with more beneficial sleep habits are also found 8 per cent of deaths from any cause could be attributed reason to get an early night! words of advice with gerald quigley my partner disturbs my sleep with his frequent visits to the can we do? these frequent visits to the bathroom are the result of his prostate gland becoming obstructing the outlet from his per cent of middle-aged men is caused by changes in steroid hormone levels in men as they levels fall as other hormones beer and cigarette smoke increase the activity of this enzyme saw palmetto is the specific herb to reduce the conversion sensible prostate tonic to maintain has also been shown to reduce prostate size by settling hormonal involvement nutrients that will help include men's multivitamin onions are excellent sources onions and cabbage help to detoxify cadmium gerald quigley is a community and commentator for the house of wellness