Coles Catalogue - 05/07-11/07/2023 (Page 3)

neste kitkat save $1.10 was $2.20 nestlé medium bar prind digestives nestle tem tops fed digestives choctops save $1 was $2 for you save $6 was $12 milk chocolate milky bar mcvitie's digestives tops biscuits new at coles ciother dairy milk toblerone cadbury gift box 220g or toblerone 360g mem artial pascall marshmalla save $2.50 was $5 violet crumble honeycomb pascall marshmallows 280g sun save $1.25 was $2.50 australia's violet crumble thin sour cream &chives rice cakes lindl lindor he way it shatters that matters save $12 was $24 sun rice sunrice flavoured rice cakes pet sind cam choc thin salt & balsamic vinegar rice cakes lindl lindor bonus cookware credit arnor's teevee snacks malt sticks save $2.25 was $4.50 arnott's royals or teevee biscuits save $1.63 was $3.25 arnott's cheezels royals milk original cheese cheezels 125g made bring cheer a half for the patlay save $8 was $16 cadbury favourites che rip berge ferrero rocher cadbury favourites boxed