Coles Catalogue - 14/04-20/04/2021 (Page 9)

back to school coles vaalia juicy strawberry dairy farmers probiotics ultimate ev davon thick & creamy kids live cultured yoghurt strawberry boost immunity yoghurt save $1 was $4.50 save 500 was $4.50 save 500 was$1.70 danone ultimate yoghurt 4x115g dairy farmers thick & creamy yoghurt vaalia kids yoghurt pouch 140g back to school sorted dairy farmers mrishing sine- thick & creamy gippsland dairy lemon cream blueberry twist vogurt yoghurt save 50¢ was $2.50 save 704 was$2.20 gippsland twist yogurt 160g dairy farmers thick & creamy fogurt nom strawberry chobani salted butter ste mainland buttersoft fit devondale 1oon pure butter mustralian no added sugar save 554 was$2.25 save $1.20 was $5.20 save $1 was$4 chobani fit yogurt tub 170g mainland buttersoft 250g devondale butter pat 250g

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